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In one case, after offering a "happy ending," one woman explained: "I talk with you too much already.I will get in trouble, you know." But at another location, the woman at the front counter freely offered more detail. She explained the massage parlour is open every day with one exception."There's more and more opening up all the time," Detective Corporal Tim Filazek told CBC's i Team.

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Those laws will remain in force until December 2014, giving the federal government time to draft and adopt new legislation.

Despite that, the Regina Police Service says it's been told to stop laying some charges until a new law is in place.

In six out of eight cases, offers for sexual services for payment were either made directly or implied. One woman explained that a "hand job" would cost "a total of $85." Several others said a full body massage would conclude with a "happy ending" — massage parlour code for an orgasm.

At most of the locations the women were reluctant to discuss details of the services offered.

A little smile." However "if you're looking for the whole shebang" the price starts at $200 for a half hour.

Regina police say massage parlours, where sex is often for sale, are rapidly multiplying and there's little they can do to slow down that growth.

And the men who were paying and driving demand for prostitution and sex trafficking facing virtually no penalties." Most people jailed for prostitution-related crimes are women According to Perrin, 92 percent of people jailed for communicating for the purpose of prostitution in Canada are female.

Perrin has researched the approaches that various countries have taken regarding prostitution.

Now you're seeing 15 to 20." Filazek added it's not difficult to understand why the sensual massage business is exploding here.


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