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She continued her education and, with her mastery of five languages among other academic skills, the intelligent woman devoted herself to medical and chemical studies. She married a landowner named Pistova, with whom she had 11 children.

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Of course in this blog, harmless comes with a warning label that reads harmful.

Overall, Anna was proven to have helped 13 married women murder their neglectful husbands, six of whom were wealthy farmers.

Sister Sephy said that she was forcibly subjected to medical examination. He had recorded that Abhaya could have seen something “objectionable” in the dining room and could have been silenced.

Overall I suspect it was the Catholic Church Council who implored the CBI to destroy evidence and cover up the murder. As of this writing, I don’t know what the sentence was for Abhaya’s killers. Anujka de Poshonja (Anna Pistova, Banat Witch, Anuka Dee), earned the dubious title of The Witch of Vladimirovac, of Panchova, Banat, present-day Siberia. It took that long for police and the public to put two and two together and come up with deadly Love Potion No. Anna’s tragic tale began decades before she went on trial.

The Church has had enough bad press for the last few decades. Her murderous crimes were committed over many years, finally ending in 1928 with her arrest at the age of 92. Blessed with exotic good looks, she was the incredibly beautiful black-haired and dark-eyed daughter of a rich cattleman who hailed from Rumania, and moved to Vladimirovac 80 years prior to her arrest.

She was also an intelligent girl and received an excellent education.

Anna outlived 10 of her 11 children and her husband. A murderous woman, skillful with venomous herbs, who outlived her family. After her husband’s death, Anna built a laboratory onto her house and made what she insisted were remedies for diseases.

Some of her herbal potions were probably as effective as Herbal Magic (TM).

She went to the kitchen of the hostel to get herself a glass of water.

It’s not entirely difficult to understand why Kottayam West Police were reluctant to regard Abhaya’s death as anything other than suicide. Somehow even the coroner, Dr Radhakrishnan , concluded that Abhaya’s death was a suicide.

The three accused said they were not physically tortured, but were mentally harassed. Augustine, the Assistant Sub Inspector who prepared the First Information Report during the initial case investigation, committed suicide by cutting the artery on his wrist and taking poison. In his personal diary, Augustine wrote about how he was pressured by CBI to say that police officers had influenced him.

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